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Coaching con Chiara

* Approved New Code Trainer

* Certifying Member

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Coaching con Chiara promuove la cultura del coaching per migliorare la qualità della vita delle persone, con particolare focus su:
- processi di cambiamento profondi e rispettosi della sensibilità individuale
- rafforzare la relazione conscio-inconscio individuale
- indipendenza e responsabilità
- ecologia di ogni step del processo e dei risultati
- individuazione dei propri Stati di Alta Performance e applicazione alle aree della propria vita
- apprendimento induttivo esperienziale
- rendere disponibili al maggior numero di persone possibili gli insegnamenti di John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Clair e la filosofia della PNL Nuovo Codice.

Da anni conduco sessioni individuali di Coaching con PNL Nuovo Codice per il business, la crescita personale, la performance sportiva, le relazioni personali. Organizzo Percorsi di Formazione in piccoli gruppi di persona (volentieri all'aperto in ambienti naturali) e online.

Via Dandolo, 3

T: 3403095175
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Dimple Ahuja NLP Trainer

* Certifying Member

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NLP Master Practitioner & ITA Certified International Online Trainer | Life Coach | PMI-PMP (USA) PMP EXAM COACH | CLDM | MBA | Yoga & Reiki Practitioner | Speaker - Trainer

Certified trainer of NLP trained by Co-Creator of NLP - John Grinder, Carmen Bostic & Director of NLP Academy; Michael Carroll.

A Process NLP TRAINER & Life Coach who applies a holistic approach, and is completely fascinated with figuring out this game of life, emotionally, behaviourally, physically, and spiritually. How the human mind works, why we hold ourselves back, how to achieve success and mainly training people to be NLP Practitioner and certifying them from John Grinder, Carmen Bostic & Michale Carroll NLP Academy UK.

My main obsession is helping young minds have their breakthrough by having rigorous mind-opening sessions - helping them get rid of their fears, phobias, conflicts, limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns so they can live life with passion, presence and purpose. I can help one learn use their mind, emotions and feelings in a way that helps them find their purpose and passion to pursue their dreams and be the best version of themselves in all spheres of life.

Working as professional consultant and PMI PMP (USA) Trainer from last 12 years, my main focus has been on mentoring and developing project leaders along with focusing on achieving their objectives and goals. I have conducted several workshops and seminars on ‘Project Management Practices’ attended by more than 10,000 corporate professionals of varied backgrounds. In addition to this, I have led more than 50 workshops focussing on strategic partnerships in India and Kuwait.

Over the last 27 years of being in the industry and working as a consultant in various capacities in India and in Middle East.

My past experience includes working with Central Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait Oil Company, KNPC Petroleum Training Centre, Alghanim Industries, Behbahani Group, Citi Group , Duns and Bradstreet, Novartis, Godrej, ABN- AMRO bank, J.K.Tyres, SRF LTD, Grasim Industries, Bharat Telecom, Deloitte, DSP Merrill Lync, etc.

I have a passion of working for the upliftment of weaker section of the society and 
Have played the role of a socially responsible person by working closely with Dr. Kiran Bedi’s Navjyot Foundation for mentoring and training Delhi Police and working with underprivileged section of society in association with Vedanta Foundation.

Invited as a guest speaker from Kuwait Oil Company Kuwait to present a workshop on “Fundamentals of Project Management as per Global standards”.

 “Divine  Experience & Yog Nidra with Navratna Chanting “ for people in Kuwait.

Virtual Seminar on “The Power of Mind and how to control it” for Renaissance Guna, India.

Virtual Seminar on “Chakra Healing & Meditation “ for Renaissance Guna, India.

Virtual Seminar on “ Pranayama - Breathing pattern during COVID times to Increase Immunity “ for Austria & North Macedonia.

“Mind & Communication Model”  for Global participants.

Abu Halifa Pharmacy Building
Abu Halifa

T: 00965 96614463
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* Approved New Code Trainer

* Certifying Member

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A Neurocoach tem a missão maximizar o potencial das pessoas e das empresas através de serviços formação e eventos sociais, sabemos bem como gerar mudanças positivas e consistentes, com base nas metodologias e ferramentas da Neurociência, PNL, Coaching, Panorama Social, sempre com equilíbrio e congruência intelectual, emocional e espiritual “QI-QE-QS”
“Neurocoach Catalyst for Change”
Certificações Internacionais de PNL Clássico e Novo Código PNL
Portugal- Brasil- Angola- Moçambique – Cabo Verde


T: +351 926111380
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Albino Fernandes


* Approved New Code Trainer

* Certifying Member

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NLPCOACH provides NLP Certification and New Code NLP certification courses in Singapore and the surrounding Asean countries. We also provide consultancy, corporate training and one to one coaching. Our trainings are known to be practical and of high quality.

Blk 630 Pasir Ris Drive 3. #06-366

T: +65 96347530
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Simon Wong

Trainstation Inc.

* Certifying Member

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Trainstation Inc. - uses high impact training methodologies to ensure maximum learning through maximum engagement. We are based in Manila, Hongkong and Singapore. We provide NLP programs for Service, Sales, Communication, Presentation Skills, Team Building, Image, and Personality Development, among other practical applications. Trainstation specializes in "Enter-TRAIN-ment - corporate training mixed with fun and laughter therapy. We believe in education through fascination, while staying true to the fundamentals, the content, and process to provide the tools, the skill and the motivation to learn.

1106 Medical PLaza Building, San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City
Ortigas Center
Pasig City

T: +632-65-TRAIN
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Carelle Mangaliag

UCan Coaching & NLP Academy AS

* Approved New Code Trainer

* Certifying Member

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UCan will address both
• The market for personal / private NLP training and coaching services and
• The business market for professional NLP-enabled people skills for e.g. leadership effectiveness, change resilience, and team effectiveness
UCan has one ITA trainer and 4 co-trainers. 3 of us are certified NLP Master Practitioners and NLP Health Coaches. UCan will deliver its value proposition to the business market in a joint team with our Organisational Change Management expert. He is an ex partner with Ernst & Young Consulting and VP at Gemini Consulting. Both places he was responsible for the People Discipline.
We consider out joint team to be capable of delivering high quality training and services in both the personal and the business market segment – delivering to the highest quality requirements and in full compliance with the spirit and letter of the ITA-standard.
UCan’s prime marketplace will be the southern half of Norway.

Tord Pedersens gate 95 B

T: +4790085313
Website: click here
Eli Haals

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