ITA Trainer Code of Principles

1. To support other members where possible. If working in the same or similar, markets to compete in a collaborative way, not ‘bad-mouthing’ etc.

2. When teaching NLP, to make explicit the form process distinction.

3. To fully credit developers of patterns in all communication, both written & verbal.

4. To continually challenge yourself and to update your own skills.

5. To conduct thorough evaluations to asses participant skills in accordance with the level of certification on offer.

6. To make explicit the evaluation criteria before the assessment, and to give precise documented feedback in a timely manner

7. To conduct yourself with integrity in the training and be true ambassadors for the ITA, New Code NLP, and the Grinder/Bostic/Carroll brand

8.That you acknowledge and respect others’ copyright, intellectual property and trademarks and brand names. This extends to the registration of web domains, Facebook and other social networking pages that closely represent other people's names, businesses or intellectual property.

9.That you choose company, brand and course names that are original to you and represent you. This means ITA members refrain from using company, brand and course names that are similar to other ITA members or other

10. That all people who attend an ITA course are treated with full equality regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation

11. That any disputes that arise are handled quickly and fairly

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