Membership Levels

There are currently three levels of membership for NLP Trainers who are ITA members:

  1. Certifying Member
  2. Approved New Code NLP Institute
  3. Associate Member

Certifying Member

Certifying Members enter a partnership with the ITA to ensure the highest level of Neuro Linguistic Programming standards are achieved by learners. Certifying Members work to ensure the Grinder/Bostic/Carroll philosophy features in the courses. The Practitioner certificates issued by a ‘Certifying Member’ carry the prestigious ITA seal and, even more uniquely, the ink signatures of John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll.  As in any partnership, the ITA gives Certifying Members full support in creating courses.

Approved New Code Trainer

Approved New Code Trainers are Certifying Members whose Trainers have also attended the New Code NLP Trainers Training. New Code NLP Trainers issue New Code Practitioner certificates signed by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll with the New Code Trainer Seal. Approved New Code Trainers have gained the latest insights in New Code NLP and have been through an explicit process with John and Carmen to achieve this status. When taking a New Code NLP Course ensure your trainer is an Approved New Code Trainer as a lot of untrained people have jumped on the New Code bandwagon.

Associate Member

Associate Members who join at this level may be working in the corporate field or running Practitioner certification courses and issuing their own certificates. Associate Members Practitioner courses do NOT carry the ITA Seal nor do the certificates carry John, Carmen and Michael’s signatures.

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