Practitioner Formats

In the broad field of NLP, there is huge disparity in the standards and quality different NLP courses offer. The ITA was set up to ensure member trainers run quality courses that create competent practitioners. This means having high standards and effective assessment procedures at NLP courses.

The ITA recognises the value in individual trainers, developing their courses that work within the ITA skills and competencies guide. Different trainers will have different approaches and styles of courses, designed with a specific audience in mind.  At the ITA we are more interested in the skills the Practitioners can exhibit, rather than laying down rigid formats of training.

Below are formats the ITA acknowledges as valid for NLP Practitioner Courses. ITA Certifying Institutes will submit their syllabuses, course outlines and any speciality applications of the course, to the ITA for approval. 

Original 20-day format

In the early days, Grinder and Bandler designed a 20-day Practitioner course. In those days the co-creators were still creating, and NLP was in its infancy. As with any new technology, the early developments take longer to teach because the components are less streamlined.

There are quite a few NLP Institutes which still use the 20-day format; either over ten weekends or four or five modules. In a lot of cases in the broader field of NLP,  where the Institutes are using the 20-day format, the teaching often consists of content models and is unrecognisable as NLP. In other cases the trainers are using 20 days to create an inductive exploration into NLP patterning.

13-14 day format, Classic and New Code

13-14 days over 2, 3, or 4 modules is a popular format. This style course can include the minimum Practitioner competencies, (published on this site) with time for experiential learnings as well as New Code.  ITA Trainers have been trained to use a teaching methodology where the learners have  arrived at an explicit conscious mind map of the patterning and have unconscious competencies in being able to demonstrate behaviourally that they can ‘do’ NLP.

NLPedia Format 8 days Classic Code

This approach combines modern multi-media home learning with an eight-day intensive course in Classic Code NLP, taught from a New Code perspective. The learner begins by working through the NLPedia Practitioner Study Set, which has 25 hours of edited video, 800 Power Point Slides and 600 pages of onscreen transcripts. NLPedia is a complete video library of Practitioner classic code content. The video was recorded at a live Practitioner course. The delegates will have experienced the metaphors and demonstrations on the CD ROMs. They will also have experienced participant discussions on the CD ROM. What they will not have had however is their own experience. At the live course the trainer sets up an alternative set of experiences (different from those presented on the CD) to map the content on the CD ROMS. Saying it another way, the trainer creates an experience for the candidates which is different from their conscious experience on the CD, amalgamating their pre-course learning with direct experience at the course.

New Code as an additional Module

The New Code NLP can be added at the end of the NLPedia course as an extra three or four-day module.

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